Fevicol Homefix
Let's fix without nails
Carries upto 10kg
Fixes - Wall Hangers, Hooks, Frames & Broken Tiles

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Fevicok Homefix TVC


Holds upto 10kg in just 4 hours

From the house of Fevicol comes another powerful adhesive - HomeFix - an easy to use, high strength adhesive that allows you to fix any item on any surface without hassle.


Where to Use

Where to use Image Map Door Stopper Handle Name Plate Planter Broken Tile Clothes Hanger Key Holder Soap Rack Toothbrush Holder Quick Hacks Cutlery Holder Frame Kitchen Organizer Shelf Soap Dispenser


How to Use

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fevicol HomeFix?
It is a high strength multi surface adhesive that allows you to fix any item on any surface without hassle, replacing need for nails/drilling.
Is Fevicol HomeFix safe for skin? How do I remove it if it sticks to skin?
Yes, it is safe for skin. In case of skin contact, wash hands with soap to remove the product.
What are the important steps to be followed before applying the product?
Clean both the article & surface to remove oil/dirt/grease.
Are there substrates on which the product doesn't work?
Yes, doesn't work on polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), silicon rubber & Teflon (PTFE) substrate
For how long should the article be pressed against the surface post application?
Press article firmly against the surface for 2-3 mins.
How soon should the article be fixed post applying the product?
Fix article against surface within 1 min of applying HomeFix.
What is the recommended quantity for best results?
Use 1 pea sized drop per square cm. Read the instructions on the pack before using.
What is the recommended application method for best results?
Dots for small articles, lines for medium sized articles, Zig-Zag lines for large articles. See application videos before using.
How long does the product take to set completely?
Wait for 4 hrs for final strength.
What is the maximum weight HomeFix can carry?
It carries upto 10 Kgs weight after 4 hours of application.
How to remove the product?
For removing the article insert a sharp blade between two surfaces to gently cut the adhesive (Pls check quick hacks video before removing).
On which surfaces the product should not be used?
Do not use on poorly painted, damp, dirty or oily wall.